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=AI! Unlock armory!=
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Security Staff

[v·e]Generic security.png
Security Officer



Age Restriction

7 Days


Head of Security


Brig, Holding Cells, Courtroom (+Assigned department)


Catch criminals and lock them up in the brig. Mend your war-torn limbs with donuts, lots and lots of donuts.


This is the security officer's page. It is still a work in progress!

You are the law

So, you are reading this, most likely because you had to pick security at late join. Well, you are in luck, because this page will turn you into a true peacekeeper! Or sort of, anyways.
  • The YogStation is not a democracy. You take orders from the Head of Security, who takes his orders from the Captain, who then again takes his orders from Central Command.
  • The Warden has authority over the Brig, and the Prison Wing, you are to listen to his orders when you are there.
  • You are to follow the Space Law, a set of laws agreed upon by space-faring corporations. You can find a copy of these laws in the Library, or in the Brig Office
  • Your function is to prevent the station going to shit.
  • Even though the station is utterly fucked, try to do your best to keep peace, and you'll be the best officer, loved by all.

Professionals have Standards

Yep, that's right! You are a professional! Cray ain't it!

What this means is you cannot abuse your position. You must act with respect and without bias. You need to keep a calm face because if you can't be calm, how can the crew? You are there to be trusted, and more often than not hated. You have a duty to the station and it's crew members. To keep them safe. Your life is more expendable than others. You have to catch the bad guys and lock them up to prevent them from causing more harm! You have sworn an oath to abide by and enforce Space Law. Please do not turn to the dark side.


Every shift, four officers are assigned a department to watch over. These departments are; Cargo, Medbay, Engineering and Research. You will be given a armband which displays the department you are part of and your headset is tuned into the departments channel as well as the security channel. Although you are expected to protect that department and its crew, you are also meant to patrol the station as per usual. However, you are a useful addition as you can gain quick and easy access to a department if its in trouble.

AI! Unlock armory!

Jobs on Yogstation


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