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If you ever encounter a bug in-game, the best way to let a coder know about it is with our GitHub Issue Tracker.

(If you don't have an account, making a new one takes only one minute.)

When creating a new issue it is important to use the format displayed below so coders can easily identify the problem.

If you have difficulty, ask for help in #coderbus.

Issue Format

Problem Description: What is the problem?

What did you expect to happen: Why do you think this is a bug?

What happened instead: How is what happened different from what you expected?

Why is this bad/What are the consequences: Why do you think this is an important issue?

Steps to reproduce the problem: The most important section. Review everything you did leading up to causing the issue.

Server: Which server were you playing on?

Revision: What revision was the server running? Type 'show-server-revision' ingame to find out.

Possibly related stuff (which gamemode was it? What were you doing at the time? Was anything else out of the ordinary happening?): Anything else you can tell us.

Thanks for helping us out!
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