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|img = doctor.png
|img = doctor.png
|jobtitle = Paramedic
|jobtitle = Paramedic
|access = [[Medbay]], [[Morgue]], [[Paramedic Staging Area]]
|access = [[Medbay]], [[Morgue]], [[Paramedic Staging Area]], [[Maintenance]]
|difficulty = Medium
|difficulty = Medium
|superior = [[Chief Medical Officer]]
|superior = [[Chief Medical Officer]]

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Paramedic.png Doctor.png
Access: Medbay, Morgue, Paramedic Staging Area, Maintenance
Additional Access: Not defined
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Duties: Save lives, scream at people for not enabling their sensors, find bodies
Guides: Guide to medicine

The Paramedic's Duty

The job of the Paramedic is to be a mobile doctor. You do this by traveling light, and carrying disposal medical supplies you get from medical kits and the vendors. 100% of the time you will be looking at the suit sensor page, looking for damaged crewmembers. Your job isn't to go and heal every little boo-boo a crewmember has (Leave that to the doctors and their sleepers) but rather to find crewmembers that have taken a large amount of damage. You will then heal them up so they don't drop dead from blood loss, and get them to medbay. If you see someone is crit, get there, stab them with EpiPens, and get them to medbay. If someone is dead, find them, get their body to medbay. As a paramedic, your supplies are finite. If you toss bruise packs and burn patches at every hurt person, you will eventually run out. Medbay does not have this problem, so always bring your patients to medbay! Alternatively, beg the Chief Medical Officer for the Medical Budget and order insane amounts of medical supplies from Cargo. Nobody uses the budget anyways.

Tools of the Trade

Paramedics get the ability to freely vendor medical gear from medical vendors, like NanoMed and NanoMed+, just like any other doctor. Use this to fill up on useful items before you set out!

Item Description
Folded roller.png
Roller Bed
This is a collapsible stretcher that you can deploy to ferry around patients. Its most common use is keeping bodies from leaving blood trails and making the Janitor mad.
Global Positioning System.gif
The GPS unit is most used by Shaft Miners and space explorers, but it has its uses onboard the station. Use it if you get lost in maint! This is mostly replaced by the Crew Pinpointer.
Crew Pinpointer
Like the pinpointer for the nuke disk, this points towards whatever crewmember you designate, assuming that said crewmember has their sensors to the maximum. Vended for free inside of the NanoMed+ Vendors.
Handheld scanner.gif
Handheld Crew Monitor
Activate it, move the window to the side, and shove it in your pocket. Now you can view suit sensors without having to be near a console! Used in conjunction with the Crew Pinpointer to find dead or hurt crewmembers. Vended for free inside of the NanoMed+ Vendors.
Health Scanner HUD
A Paramedics best tool. This allows you to visually see the health of anything living (Or dead) onboard. This includes crewmembers, bees, spiders, zombies, and even xenos! The Medical Hud will display a bar representing health. When flashing red, that person is in crit. If it flashes rapidly in red, they are VERY close to death! And if it is black, they are dead.
Brute & Burn Patches
My favorite tool for paramedics. These can be applied through pesky hardsuits, and have both an instant and heal-over-time effect. A few of these can bring a crewmember out of crit and back into action in just a few seconds! Be careful not to apply too many, you can overdose a crewmember using these!
Gauze, Ointment, and Bruisepacks
These items are found in the medkit every paramedic starts with. These are the most basic healing items. They do not work through hardsuits, and can only heal one body part at a time, but they apply instantly and heal instantly. You cannot overdose with these either. Bandages can stop bleeding.
Health Analyzer
Your one-stop health tool. This neat thing shows you total damage, what limbs have taken what kind of damage, any traumas or quirks, if they are irradiated, if they are sick and a possible cure if they are sick, cellular damage, and blood level. By activating it in your hand, you can scan for chemicals they are overdosing on, chemicals they are addicted to, and what chemicals are currently inside them. Useful for finding if someone took just a little bit too much meth earlier.
You find these in Medbay Storage and in your lockers. These are worn on your back and used to bring dead crewmembers back to life, assuming they haven't sat dead for too long or had their organs removed. You won't really be using these outside of the Medbay, as keeping a recently defibbed person alive takes lots of resources. The usual procedure for reviving is to check for poisons via health analyzer, check if they can be defibbed via health analyzer, defib if possible, then quickly cyro them before they die again. Defibbing has its perks. Your newly revived person will not suffer from Clone Memory Disorder, and may be able to tell security all the juicy details of who killed them!

Suit Sensors and You

As a Paramedic, the love of your life is the suit sensor console. It is your portal into the health of every crewmember, allowing you to swoop in and save crew from certain death like an angel from the heavens, as the rest of the crew applaud and shower you in gifts of money, riches, and access!

Of course, none of this will happen if they don't max their suit sensors.

All Nanotransen jumpsuits are equipped with a locator beacon and a suite of health sensing gear, enabling the jumpsuit to send back detailed information to the suit sensor console. The transmission range on these suits is pretty small, so you won't be picking up signals from off the station, and people off the station won't pick up signals from the station. Due to a few privacy complaints and a variety of lawsuits, the wearer of the jumpsuit has the choice to completely disable these sensors whenever they want.

The Crew onboard Space Station 13, despite being regaled as 'Top Notch' by Nanotransen, is very forgetful. Shift start, jumpsuit sensors will not be at their maximum. Shift Start is usually the best time to remind crew to put their sensors to maximum.

Suit Sensors have four distinct operating modes.

Mode Description

Your jumpsuit sends no data, and you do not appear on the console.
Your jumpsuit sends the name of the equipped ID, the job of the equipped ID, and if the wearer is alive or dead.
Your jumpsuit sends the name of the equipped ID, the job of the equipped ID, and the exact damage numbers for each damage type.
Tracking Beacon
Your jumpsuit sends the name of the equipped ID, the job of the equipped ID, the exact damage numbers for each damage type, and the wearer's current location. If in Lavaland, it'll just show 'Lavaland Wastes' unless your in the mining base. Use your GPS or Crew Pinpointer to find people in the wastes.

The jumpsuit doesn't know what your face looks like, so the name of whatever ID is inside its ID slot will appear on the suit sensor network. If there is no ID equipped, it will show as Unknown(). If this happens, don't panic! Some jobs require you to remove your ID to use certain machines, such as signal techs, and Security has a bad habit of not giving their perma prisoners prisoner IDs as they should.

Standard Loadout

A Paramedic needs to be prepared to heal all types of damage, so bringing lots of meds is a must. This loadout will serve you well, but modify it for whatever threats you face!

  • Clothing - Backpack, Medical belt, standard paramedic jacket, and jumpsuit. Hat optional.
  • Belt Slot - Medical belt. Fill with bruise packs, ointments, bandages, and Epipens. Always keep a Health Analyzer in the right-most slot. You can pull items out of and put items into the belt with Shift-E, so having a Health Analyzer in the rightmost slot lets you whip it out fast to check the damage in an instant!
  • Jacket - Keep your emergency oxygen tank for your internals here.
  • Pockets - Flashlight and Handheld Crew Monitor. Maint is dark, don't go without light! And the Handheld Crew Monitor will not update if its inside a belt or bag.
  • Backpack - This can be a duffle bag, Satchel, or normal backpack. Keep a Brute medkit, a Burn medkit, and a Toxin medkit here. You can replace the Charcoal syringes in the toxin medkit with syringes from the Oxygen Deprivation medkit to round out your healing ability for damage types. Your backpack will also hold your crew monitor. Each medkit has an EpiPen to treat patients in crit, and a spare health analyzer. You can replace these with additional supplies if you want.

If you need to refill your medkits with patches, use the NanoMed that's on the side of Medbay Storage. Its seldom used and carries 5 of each patch type. And, of course, if the Chemist makes some better meds, use those!