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Maps on yogstation


In Rotation Yogstation, YogsMeta, YogsPubby, YogsDelta, OmegaStation
Not In Rotation RuntimeStation, MinskyStation

Map Rotation

The server currently uses a unique map rotation feature that will swap between maps based on player map preferences, these being located in your character setup page. The game is weighed to use Boxstation as the default station but will, depending on player preferences and how long the current round has lasted, have a higher chance to use another map.

The current, and next selected, map information are located in the 'Status' tab.

In Rotation

These maps are currently in rotation, and can be selected and played on.

BoxStation (Default)

Map Image Information Yogstation Changes Additional Points
BoxstationThumb.png BoxStation is widely regarded as the "official" map of SS13. It may be confusing at first, but it is actually neatly organized, so that every department gets their own wing. The Command Sector is in a centralized location, holding the Bridge and the AI Upload. Other departments extend out into various wings around the command sector.
  • The gravity generator is located west of engineering.
  • The AI upload is in the command area.
  • Telecomms is in space, east of engineering.
  • The bar layout is randomised, with different themes.
  • The engine randomly rotates between a singulo and a supermatter setup.
  • Clerk office located to the left of EVA.
  • Psych and paramedic offices located in Medbay.
  • The station is heavily central on the starboard wing -- all the action happens there.
  • There are several small crevices to perform distasteful acts.
  • Maintenance is designed to provide an outer shell to most of the station.

MetaStation (YogsMeta)

Map Image Information Yogstation Changes Additional Points
YogsmetaThumb.png MetaStation is a fully-functioning map available as an alternative to BoxStation. It is largely maintained and updated by Metacide, though it uses the work of many others, and has been worked on by various other people who have updated and maintained the map over its history.
  • Clerk office located below the command area, replacing the Gateway.
  • Psych and paramedic offices located in Medbay.
  • It is geared towards higher populations than BoxStation.
  • Key areas are more evenly spread to reduce local overcrowding.
  • It feels much more open, attacks in public are harder to get away with.
  • It has a large maintenance system covering most of the station, useful for stealthier tactics.
  • There are in-game maps and direction signposts on the walls of the station to help you find your way.
  • The escape shuttle has more seats, a large cargo bay, and larger medbay, brig, and bridge.

PubbyStation (YogsPubby)

Map Image Information Yogstation Changes Additional Points
YogsPubbyThumb.png PubbyStation is a map inspired by Box and Meta but smaller and pure, it was created by pubby.
  • The gravity generator room is located in Engineering.
  • Clerk office located next to the vault.
  • Psych and paramedic offices located in Medbay.
  • The map plays best with 20-40 players.
  • The Chaplain and Curator get an entire space monastery.

DeltaStation (YogsDelta)

Map Image Information Yogstation Changes Additional Points
YogsDeltaThumb.png DeltaStation is a map heavily influenced by Meta and Box, with a large centralized bridge area. Intended for higher populations, the map features a more fleshed out and spacious interior lushly decorated and accomodating a large number of potted plants. A large maintenance with a number of useful half-built rooms and areas give antagonists a large variety of spacious areas to make their on station bases and hiding places.
  • Clerk office replaces the gateway.
  • Psych and paramedic offices located in Medbay.
  • This map is best suited for 50+ players.
  • An expansive maintenance is included with this station, largely recognized as a 'second station' with a number of areas, tools, items and machines.
  • The Supermatter is located in Atmospherics.


Map Image Information Yogstation Changes Additional Points
MinskyStationThumb.png MinskyStation is a revival of the old Minsky. A very large station only entering the map rotation at 80 players. With a similar design to Donut, by following the main hallway you'll most likely find what you're looking for. Because of its large size, teleporters are located near Arrivals to aid in getting from one place to another.
  • Currently being re-worked.
  • This map is best suited for a very high population.
  • This map will only enter rotation at 80 players.


Map Image Information Additional Points
OmegaStationThumb.png OmegaStation was created with the intention of being a low population alternative to other larger maps such as Meta or Box. Due to the small size and lack of head offices, many traitor target items are either inside regular department lockers, the vault or engineering secure storage. OmegaStation has suffered from a history of poor maintenance, leading to despate spessmen committing HoPline suicide en masse after arriving here.
  • The map is best suited for 20-25 players or less.
  • Captain and HoP are the only Heads of Staff.
  • There are less available slots for certain jobs.
  • Removed areas: Permabrig, Law Offices, Head of Staff Offices, Genetics, Virology, Toxins.

Not in rotation

These maps are currently, due to a range of reasons, currently not on rotation.


Map Image Information Additional Points
AsteroidStation.png AsteroidStation is a Nanotrasen facility embedded into a gigantic asteroid. It has been generally well received. (The station is currently out of rotation due to mapping errors and similar problems)
  • The map plays best with 30+ players.
  • The layout of the map is designed to accommodate to the central engine.
  • Consequently, the map is much, much larger with long, sprawling hallways.
  • Maintenance is very large and open, with several secret rooms to find.
  • All jobs have local maintenance access to their nearest public hallway.
  • Atmospherics and power have local "checkpoints" to prevent sabotage.
  • Feedback is welcomed in this thread on the tgstation forums.


Map Image Information Additional Points
DiscStationThumb.png Discstation is based around providing a more blank slate for the crew to work with, as well as wider corridors with traffic evenly spread along them.
  • This map plays best with 40+ players
  • The transit tube system through the center of the station is a fast and efficient way to get between otherwise far apart departments like Medbay and R&D
  • Maintenance is based on organic rounded twists instead of straight lines
  • Feedback is welcomed in this thread on the tgstation forums.


Map Image Information Additional Points
RuntimeStation.png Runtime Station is designed to test new features without having to load a whole new station every time.
  • All doors bear no access.
  • Has a simple engine room.
  • Has two large testing areas.
  • Spawns with fully equipped medical/RnD/engineering areas and a rudimentary atmos setup (no scrubbers).
  • Roundstart mice spawns and space/lavaland ruins can be disabled in config.

Donutstation (YogsDonut)

Map Image Information Additional Points
Donutfull.png Donutstation is a faithful modernization of the Goon classic. A large, circular hallway connects every department meaning that you'll eventually find what department you're looking for if you keep going in one direction. All escape pods can be found in the maintenance sections of each major department, the same with various surplus supplies for each department.
  • This map is best suited for medium/high population.
  • A large circular design with a singularity engine anchored in the center with multiple arms branching out with the main power lines.
  • Telecomms and AI are on separate satellites on the southern half of the station.