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Each location page will contain an on-station or off-station location. All on-station locations have tabs at the top of the pages for each station. Some stations won't have every location (an example is OmegaStation not having a Research Director office) - if there isn't a tab for it, it doesn't exist on that map.

Here is a list of the possible locations:

Jobstemp.png Locations on Yogstation
General Recreational Medical Supply Science Engineering Security Command Upkeep Outside


To view all the maps in detail, click here.

Yogstation uses a modified version of a few common maps. New locations and different piping layouts are to be expected across all of them.

Map Rotation

The server currently uses a map rotation feature that will swap between maps. This is based on player map preferences - change yours in your character setup page. The game is weighed to use Boxstation as the default station but can, depending on player preferences, have a higher chance to use another map.

The current and next selected map information are located in the 'Status' tab.