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Genus: Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Homeworld: Earth
Central Authority: United Earth Government
Restricted Job Roles: N/A
Guides: No external guides

Humans are the dominate species in the known galaxy, their kind extend from old Earth to the edges of known space.

Humans are the default race in SS13.


See the backstory page for a overview of human history.

To summate, Humanity is the dominate race in the known Galaxy. The only other known intelligent and sapient race (To Humans anyway) are the Lizardpeople, who are subjugated under the control of the United Earth Government for reasons many either don't know or don't want to remember.


Humans of the 26th century hold social values remarkably similar to the Humans of the 21st century, even down to much of their technology intentionally taking the appearance of items and aesthetics of 21st century technology. This is due to a combination of much Human knowledge being lost in the Void Wars, and a sense of nostalgia over days gone by. This also means Humans communicate and act in a manner similar to what people of the 21st century do.

Humans hold a smug sense of superiority over non-Humans, which until recently have just comprised of just Lizardpeople. However some Humans either have no opinion, or even are supportive, of non-Humans, however they are in the minority, for now. Make no mistake as the only reason Nanotrasen began to employ non-human Lizardpeople was due to them being able to employ Lizardpeople for barely a fraction of the pay for a Human equilivant.

Certain fringe organisations hold a far more progressive view on non-humans. Whether this is due to these groups being more open to non-humans, or simply due to them desperately needing anyone with the right skill set irrespective of their race, is up to debate and personal interpretation.

Special Snowflakes

Nanotrasen is not the first organization to meddle with the human genome. Occasionally (descendants of) humans who have been spliced with other creatures will find their way into employment (usually in very low-ranking jobs). These mutants are officially qualified as non-human, and their social status is below even that of Lizardpeople because of their nature as disgusting special snowflakes humans with filth mixed into their DNA.

Mutant humans are a separate server config option from other species, and if job restrictions are enabled on a server, it'll lock mutant humans out of even more jobs than lizards.


Humans are the primary race in SS13, and the default race all players start as. Humans have no unique advantages or disadvantages in terms of physical capabilities, however only Humans can be selected for a command role prior to the start of a round, in addition they are the only sentient race to be protected under Silicon's laws at round start.

Jobs on Yogstation


Command Captain · Head of Personnel · Head of Security · Chief Engineer · Chief Medical Officer · Research Director
Security Head of Security · Security Officer · Warden · Detective · Lawyer
Engineering Chief Engineer · Station Engineer · Atmospheric Technician · Signal Technician
Science Research Director · Scientist · Roboticist · Geneticist
Medical Chief Medical Officer · Medical Doctor · Chemist · Geneticist · Virologist · Paramedic · Psychiatrist · Mining Medic
Supply Head of Personnel · Quartermaster · Cargo Technician · Shaft Miner · Mining Medic
Service Janitor · Bartender · Cook · Botanist · Lawyer
Civilian Assistant · Tourist · Clown · Mime · Chaplain · Curator · Clerk
Non-Human AI · Cyborg · Positronic Brain · Drone · Personal AI · Construct · Golem · Ghost
Special Centcom Official · Death Squad Officer · Emergency Response Officer · Ian · HONK Squad Officer
Races Humans · Lizardpeople · Plasmaman · Phytosian · Preternis · Mothpeople · Ethereals · Miscellaneous