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Major Events

These are events that occur during a game but only for certain holidays throughout the year. These events will also spawn (unless cancelled by an admin) throughout the appropriate holiday period.


Have a merry Christmas!

  • Christmas crackers are usable with two players. They contain jokes and toys.
  • There will be a Christmas tree on the station with presents underneath.
  • Santa has a chance of appearing. He will deliver gifts.

The lobby gets different music - Jingle Bells, Red Army Choir: Polyushka Polye, Twelve Days of Christmas, Michael Bublé - Holly Jolly Christmas
Christmas gifts, crackers and santa hats can be found in maintenance.

Drone and Ian hat:Santahatnorm.pngSanta hat

Holiday days: 22nd December - 27th December

Halloween (2 SPOOKY!)

Have a spooky Halloween!

  • Crew spawns with spooky candy and a trick-o-treat bag in their bags.
  • Ian dresses up as a ghost and Poly is a ghost!
  • Closets may contain a spooky creature.
  • Skeleton, dullahan, zombie, vampire, shadowpeople and golem races are playable.

Holiday days: 26th October - 2nd November


It's Valentine's Day! Give a valentine to that special someone!

  • Crew will spawn with candy hearts and chocolate boxes in their bags.
  • Crew get dates and objectives to protect them at all costs. This runs alongside the normal antag(s).
  • Crew should give valentine's cards to people they like.

Holiday days: 13th February - 15th February

Minor Events

These are not random events and so they cannot be cancelled. Expect to see themed station names during most of these.

Animal's Day

Holiday day: 4th October

April Fool's

Clowns get unlimited player slots.

Holiday days: 1st April - 5th April

Bastille Day

Do you hear the people sing?

Drone hat:Beret.pngBeret

Holiday day: 14th July

Bee Day

Drone mask:Beemask.pngBee mask

Holiday day: 20th May

Beer Day

Holiday day: First Friday of August

Birthday of Space Station 13

Say 'Happy Birthday' to Space Station 13, first publicly playable on February 16th, 2003!

Drone hat:Xmashat.pngFestive paper hat

Holiday day: 16th February

Boss' Day

Drone hat:Tophat.pngTop-hat

Holiday day: 16th October

Boxing Day

Holiday day: 26th December

Columbus Day

Holiday day: Monday of the 2nd week of October

Cosmonautics Day

Drone hat:Syndicate-helm-black-red.pngBlack space-helmet replica

Holiday day: 12th April

Doctor's Day

Drone hat:Nursehat.pngNurse's hat

Holiday day: 1st July

Earth Day

Holiday day: 22nd April


Greetings! Have a Happy Easter and keep an eye out for Easter Bunnies!
Easter eggs and baskets can be found in maintenance.

Drone hat:Rabbitears.pngRabbit ears

Holiday days: Varies

Father's Day

Holiday day: Sunday of the 3rd week of June

Festive Season

Have a nice festive season!

Drone hat:Santahatnorm.pngSanta hat

Holiday days: 1st December - 31st December

Firefighter's Day

Drone hat:Hardhat1 red.pngFirefighter helmet

Holiday day: 4th May

Flowers Day

Drone hat:Moonflower.pngMoonflower

Holiday day: 19th November


Holiday day: 20th April

Friday the 13th

Holiday day: Any Friday the 13th

Friendship Day

Holiday day: 30th July

Groundhog Day

Drone hat:Chronohelmet.pngChronosuit helmet

Holiday day: 2nd February

Human-Rights Day

Holiday day: 10th December

Independence Day

The lobby gets different music - Team America- America F*** Yeah, Creedence Clearwater Revival: Fortunate Son, Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama or John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads

Holiday day: 4th July

Kindness Day

Holiday day: 13th November

Labor Day

Drone hat:Hardhat1 yellow.pngHard hat

Holiday day: 1st May

Leap Day

Holiday day: 29th February

Life Day

Holiday day: 17th November

Mayan Doomsday Anniversary

Drone hat:Tribalmask.pngTribal mask

Holiday day: 21st December

Monkey Day

Drone mask:Monkeymask.pngMonkey mask

Holiday day: 14th December

Moth Week

Holiday days: Last week of July

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day in most of the Americas, Asia, and Oceania!

Holiday day: Sunday of the 2nd week of May

National Tea Day

Holiday day: 21st April

New Year

Drone hat:Xmashat.pngFestive paper hat

Holiday days: 30th December - 2nd January

October Revolution

Holiday days: 6th November - 7th November

Pi Day

Holiday day: 14th March

Programmers' Day

Holiday day: 2^8th day of the year

Ramadan (Start/End)

Holiday days: Varies

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Go do some random acts of kindness for a stranger!

Holiday day: 17th February

Saying-'Hello' Day

Holiday day: 21st November

Smiling Day

Drone hat:Papersack smile.pngPaper sack hat

Holiday day: 7th October

St. Patrick's Day

Drone hat:Greensoft.pngGreen cap

Bar theme: Irish bar

Holiday day: 17th March

Stupid-Questions Day

Holiday day: 28th September

Summer Solstice

Holiday day: 21st June

Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day

Ye be talkin' like a pirate today or else ye'r walkin' tha plank, matey!

Drone hat:Piratehat.pngPirate hat

Holiday day: 19th September

Thanksgiving in Canada

Holiday day: Monday of the 2nd week of October

Thanksgiving in the United States

Drone mask:Tophat.pngTop-hat

Holiday day: Thursday of the 4th week of November


Drone mask:Facehugger dead.pngDead alien

Holiday day: 2nd July

Vegan Day

Holiday day: 1st November

Writer's Day

Holiday day: 8th July