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Head of Security
Access: All of security, Head of Security's Office, Maintenance, Medbay, Research Division, Bridge, Engineering, Construction Area, Cargo Office, Mining, Gateway, Personal Lockers, Weapon Permit
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Very hard
Supervisors: Captain
Duties: Coordinate security personnel, ensure they are not corrupt, make sure every department is protected.
Guides: Guide to security, Guide to Trials, Chain of Command, Space Law
Quote: Chances are that at the end of this shift you will hate yourself and so will everyone around you. But that shouldn't stop you from beating up more greytiders.

As head of Security, it is your responsibility to watch over the Brig, Bridge, and Courtroom areas and to make sure Security Officers don't ruin everything. Your job isn't to hunt people down, unless it's an urgent matter in one of the many places your normal security officers can't get into, so you can usually just sit in your office and let the securitrons and redshirts do it for you. You have more access to the station than anyone else in security, but less than the other heads. Try not to depend on it.

Bare minimum requirements: Try to keep your team alive, working together, communicating, concentrating on the bigger fish rather than small leeches and not devolve into shitcurity.

Your Authority

Security Office
Your office is in the main Security Office, complete with posh carpeting

You are concerned with the following people:

  • Security Officers. These are your pawns, and it's your job to control them. Each of them is given an assignment when they sign up. If they're being assholes, yell at them and get them to fall in line - if they continue, throw them in the brig for a little while. It's important not to let these guys run rampant, because they can and will fuck everything up if you do. Remember, if they continue to be shit, bust them back down to assistant and kick them off the force.
  • The Warden. This is a special security officer who acts as the Brig's watchdog. Make sure he doesn't set and/or support shitty brig times and that he doesn't leave the Brig while prisoners are present. He is next in the line of succession if you get bumped off, and your most senior lieutenant.
  • The Detective. A loose cannon at best, dangerous at worst. Generally just let him do his thing. He's used to operating with a fair degree of autonomy from Sec. Just remember to call him a loose cannon from time to time and be ready to send in the redshirts should he uncover something big. Be wary as he is the only member of security proper that can be a round start Traitor.
  • The Lawyer, whose job is to watch you and try to cite you for violating a guideline. Expect nothing but trouble from them - Your authority over them is questionable, although you are completely within your rights to remove their Security radio access if it becomes an issue.


Each officer is given an assignment when they join the game. Most will be assigned to guard one of the four major departments (Medbay, Research, Engineering and Supply). Department guards are given a small security office along with limited access, and are able to use that department's radio channel. Department guards are also marked with colour-coded armbands. It is your job to make sure each department is staffed by a member of security. If a department becomes a hotspot for criminal activity, it may be a good idea to reallocate more men to that department.

Your Office

Your office is in the Security Office. It holds several weapons, devices, a recharger, and both types of security terminals.

Contents of the office include an energy gun, a stun baton, a riot shield, loyalty implants, and a stylish alt outfit to wear. As well as a host of miscellaneous materials ranging from loud speakers to remote door controls, depending on how generous central command is.

As the Head of Security, one of the main assets for space travel is your hardsuit. This has much better protection than the regular suit you have on, but at the same time it slows you down. Locked inside of the same suit storage is a pair of robust combat magboots - which will still slow you down - but are more agile than regular ones.

The Brig

The holding area for prisoners. Security personnel, Heads of Staff, and the Lawyer have access to the hallway, but only Security personnel can use the cell controls. It's still possible for normal crewmembers to view the cells through the windows behind them. As the windows are electrified, though, they're not a valid means of entry unless the person happens to have insulated gloves.

Prisoners try to flee all the time, so do something about the doors (portable flasher), or handcuff them to the bed as you investigate their items (make sure to release them if they aren't super dangerous). And SET A GOD DAMN TIME TO THE TIMER -- it won't lock the door unless you do this. Remember that some prisoners may have a toolbelt or insulated gloves, thus a means to escape if left unsupervised. Remember to remove possible weapons, unless you want a nasty surprise, but you already knew that, right?

If you wish to execute someone take them to the bottom of the prison hallway, and you will find a short tunnel taking you to the transfer center. This is an area "unknown" to silicons where humans are regularly put to waste. This room comes equipt with lethal injections, an n2o canister, and tools to make an electric chair.

You're My Favourite Deputy

You're occasionally almost always going to get an understaffed (or entirely absent) department staff. This is going to pose a problem, especially during times of crisis. Luckily you are capable of deputizing volunteering members of the crew without having to make them full officers.

Your office has a computer which can hand our security access. Make sure you understand the risks you take whenever you do this. Also make sure that deputies receive their armband.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Muzzles can be created by tearing off pieces of your own jumpsuit.
  • If you label all the items in the armory, and all items you distribute, you'll know exactly who fucked up and how when said items turn up in the backpack of the Clown
  • The HoS has the access required to nab the spare crew monitor board from secure tech storage
  • There are muzzles and straitjackets in the prison wing for restraining dangerous prisoners
  • If you fill a full NO2 tank and put in on someone, you can give them fate worse than death for time close to eternity (USE THIS ON CHANGELINGS, THEY'LL BE DEAD FOREVER AND NEVER RETURN, ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE MORGUE/KITCHEN ACCESS)
  • The Armory has a few types of special implants - If you run out, more can be ordered from Cargo
    • Chemical implants can be triggered by the recipient or remotely via a prisoner control console
    • Each Chemical implant can be filled up with 50 units of chemicals injected into the implant while it is still in it's casing
    • Tracking Implants have three functions: They tell you the approximate distance to your target, the direction from your current position (With the tracker), and acting as a teleportation beacon
    • Suspected Changelings can be implanted with a tracking implant, as it gives a special HUD icon, ex. I didn't implant that person but they have an implant, probably a ling
    • You can use tracking implants to give completely private orders to individual officers even while telecomms is down
  • Giving a lethal parole implant is an effective way to keep track of your prisoners: Ask Chemistry for the deadliest 50u they can make and pump it into an implant
  • Permabrig's electric razor is impractical; many people can be recognized on sight from their hairstyles and shaving them bald removes that
  • Taking a Riot Shotgun, filling it with buckshot shells, taking it out back and sawing it off with a circular saw will let you put it in your backpack, giving you a perfect counter to energy sword/shield users.

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