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= Nanotrasen =
**and its subfactions
==Nanotrasen Subfactions==
*The Syndicate
**and it's sub-factions
==Syndicate Subfactions==
*Clown Empire
=Clown Empire=
*Mime Confederacy,
=Mime Confederacy=
*Abductor Hierarchy
=Abductor Hierarchy=
*Changeling Hivemind
=Changeling Hivemind=
*New Russian Military
=New Russian Military=
*Cult of the Eldritch Gods
=Cult of the Eldritch Gods=
**and its subfactions
==Cult of the Eldritch Gods subfactions ==
*The Wizards Federation
=The Wizards Federation=
*Space Pirates
=Space Pirates=
*The Gangs
=The Gangs=
*The Blob Overmind
=The Blob Overmind=
*Spider Clan
=Spider Clan=
*The Precursors. ((swarmers, chronolegionnaires))
=The Precursors. ((swarmers, chronolegionnaires))=
*The Xenomorph Hive.
=The Xenomorph Hive=
*Assistants Union
=Assistants Union=

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Nanotrasen Subfactions


Syndicate Subfactions

Clown Empire

Mime Confederacy

Abductor Hierarchy

Changeling Hivemind

New Russian Military

Cult of the Eldritch Gods

Cult of the Eldritch Gods subfactions

The Wizards Federation

Space Pirates

The Gangs

The Blob Overmind

Spider Clan

The Precursors. ((swarmers, chronolegionnaires))

The Xenomorph Hive

Assistants Union