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Cryptographic Sequencer
Found in: Ordered via syndicate uplink, costs 3 telecrystals.
Used for: Gaining entrance to restricted areas or lockers, unlocking hidden features in machinery, bending borgs to your will.
Strategy: Use this to enter areas you don't have access to. Just make sure nobody sees you as the door will spark.
Also called an E-Mag (electromagnetic card), it allows you to quite literally open anything. It will open any door, locker, crate, and can short out weapon locks. The issue is that once used on something, that something breaks permanently, doors stay stuck open, locker don't lock, weapons can be used by anyone. While this can have the desired effect, it also leaves a trail for people to follow (mostly doors). It also has a fairly noticeable visual when you use it (generally sparks shooting out of whatever it was used on), but besides gaining access through mundane locks, there are a number of other uses that E-Mags have. You can use it on Robots, to make them generally malicious to the station, they can be used on certain computers to gain unusual effects, the most useful of which being allowing you drop the emergency shuttle countdown to 10 seconds if you use it on the shuttle computer. It also works on the QM's computer to order spec ops crates, and is just overall brilliant for QMs, allowing them to unlock crates. E-Magging welded or bolted doors will also break them, leaving them closed shut for good. E-magging a cyborg will change its lawset to follow you, and only those who you designate. You can order it to then go on a killing spree, retrieve an item, or any other number of things! It's like having your own personal slave!

Experiment! Who knows what else it could work on.

Things it can be used on


If it can be opened, opens it and breaks so it stays open.

If it can't be opened, just breaks so it stays closed.

Will not bypass bolted doors.


Unlocks the panel if it's closed.

Rewrites cyborg's laws to obey you if opened, and unlocks a special module. Has 50% chance to fail, but you can try again.


Unlocks the panel if it's closed.

If its panel is opened with a screwdriver, it will slip floors and occasionally create gibs.

ED-209 and secbots

Unlocks the panel if it's closed.

If its panel is opened with a screwdriver, it will attack everyone in sight.


Unlocks the panel if it's closed.

If its panel is opened with a screwdriver, it will break floors instead of repairing.


Unlocks the panel if it's closed.

If its panel is opened with a screwdriver, it will inject everyone with toxin.


Unlocks controls.

Supply computer

Unlocks 2 new items: The 'Spec Ops' crate with a box of EMP grenades, 3 smoke bombs, a parapen and an incediary grenade, costing 20 points, and the ERR_NULL_ENTRY crate, which contains a Syndicate Bundle box for 140 points.

Cloning pod

Ejects the cloned person regardless of condition.


Turns a regular arcade machine into Outbomb Cuban Pete, which is harder than the standard game. (Does not work on The Orion Trail). If a player wins, he gets a bomb and a hat. If the player fails, he is gibbed. Un-emags after a victory or if the machine is screwdrivers.

Communications console

Reroutes it, allowing you to send a message to the Syndicate. This sends a message to game admins. Can be restored.

Holodeck computer

Disables safety protocols, allowing you to run the Wildlife Simulation (Spawns several hostile Holocarp) or the Burn Simulation (Fills the entire deck with plasma before igniting - Spills out of the holodeck quickly)

Message monitor

Prints out the password and temporary disables the console.

Emergency shuttle console

Shortens launch to 10 seconds.

Deployable Barrier

First use: Removes access restrictions

Second use: Breaks the ID scanner, leaving the barrier permanently left in the state it's currently in


Makes it shoot everyone and boosts fire rate.


Allows it to grind people.

Shield generator

Makes parts of shield slowly dissipate.

Telecomms server monitoring console

Removes access restrictions.

Traffic control console

Removes access restrictions.

Vending machines

Removes access restrictions.

Mech fabricator

Removes access restrictions.

Light replacer

Fills replaced lights with plasma.

Note: they will explode immediately if turned on.


Breaks open.

Secure briefcase and safe

Breaks open.


Breaks open.

Locked crate

Breaks open.

Library computer

Prints an arcane tome.

Labor/Mining shuttle console

Allows anyone to pass.


Permanently unlocks interface. Locks the AI out.


Unlocks interface if locked.

R&D console

Removes access restrictions.

R&D server

Removes access restrictions.