Chemistry Lab

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Chemistry Lab
The lube factory.
Purpose: Making medicine and meth.
Key items: Chem Dispenser, ChemMaster 3000, Reagent Grinder
Workers: Chemist
Access: Chemist, Chief Medical Officer, Captain
Exits: South to Medbay

For the Guide to Chemistry, click here.

Chemistry, marked with orange floor stripes, is the only place on the station with a Chem Dispenser and accompanying chem heaters. This makes it a big target for traitors, whether to take over or destroy. A smartfridge is provided to store medicines for the rest of Medbay, and the lab is outfitted with supplies like plasma and basic grenade-making parts. What could possibly go wrong?

Chemistry is where chemists mix chemicals in order to produce medicine, drugs, or other useful liquids. Chemistry will usually be seen in flames on a typical round. Very useful if you know what you're doing. Chemists can produce many helpful things. Plasma bars spawn in chemistry, but will usually be used quickly.

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