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[[File:Bowl_Security_Record.png|960px|center|Security Record of Alexander Bowl, circa present day]]
[[File:Bowl_Security_Record.png|960px|center|Security Record of Alexander Bowl, circa present day]]
Alexander Bowl was killed after being captured in an incursion by the Nanotrasen Internal Affairs department. He was unable to print the necessary reports required of his position and was summarily executed the following day by Inspector-General Thorvald Thomsen.

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Photograph of Alexander Bowl, circa present day

Alexander Bowl is about 6'1, around 138 pounds and is often seen in his Liaison Attire, jackboots, and a beret, similar in style to that which Nanotrasen Heads of Security will wear to formal functions. Bowl is a current employee of Nanotrasen, with his current career as a corporate Liaison detailed below. He has no family to speak of, or any close relations of any kind, due to numerous disputed accounts of corporate impropriety (see: Alleged War Crimes)

History with Nanotrasen

Bowl is a noteworthy figure as he normally acts as the diplomat chain between Central Command and the rest of Nanotrasen, quick to proclaim himself as an extremely important aspect of the Chain of Command. There is some merit to this claim, however, in that Central Command cannot be physically at all of Nanotrasen's various installments, and he fills this need well. His personnel file notes that his behavior is oftentimes abrasive and sarcastic, but his commendations show that he is effective at his duties, for the most part.

Alleged War Crimes

His personnel file also has a considerable amount of redaction to it, having led to rumors that his position as Liaison is merely a front for a darker, more insidious purpose. Various other employees of Nanotrasen have pressed accusations and given testimony that Alexander has been involved in numerous corporate takeovers for the corporation, potentially having resulted in mass casualties and loss of innocent civilian lives. Regarding these matters, Central Command officials are tight lipped, and Bowl himself refuses to speak on them, only fueling the fire of various allegations and suspicions. Nanotrasen is quick to remind employees that all personnel files are confidential, and that any speculation about the activities of a ranking official should be kept quiet.

What follows is a recording of n interrogation 8631-C between Security Officer Neil Dylandy and a redacted source concerning one such reported incident regarding Alexander Bowl.

The following is a transcription of audio recording 8631-C. All identifying information has been redacted.

"[00:00] Recording started."

"[00:05] Neil Dylandy says, "This is Corporal Dylandy recording testimony C against Nanotrasen Liaison Alexander Bowl, can you state your name, occupation, and where you were stationed for the record please.""

(Witness remains silent)

"[00:40] Neil Dylandy says, “All identifying information will be redacted before publishing. Now state your name, occupation, and where you were stationed.""

“[00:50] Steve [REDACTED] says, “My name is Steve [REDACTED], Station Engineer, stationed at Space Station [REDACTED].””

(Witness will henceforth be written as “Steve” without a surname.)

“[01:00] Neil Dylandy asks, “When did the event occur?””

“[01:02] Steve says, “It was September ██, 25██.””

“[01:05] A pen writing on paper can be heard.”

(All further notes of writing will be stricken from the document for consistency.)

“[01:15] Neil Dylandy asks, “What were you doing at the time Steve?””

“[01:22] Steve says, “I was making my way to brig, a couple prisoners got rowdy and broke some of the windows and the Head of Security asked me to come down and fix it.””

“[01:40] Neil Dylandy asks, “What did you know about Mr. Bowl at the time?””

“[01:50] Steve says, “I knew that he was the Liaison from central command, but that’s all corporate mumbo jumbo so I didn’t think anything of it. I last saw him walking around with the Captain on an inspection, he greeted me while I was performing a routine check on the supermatter engine.””

“[02:03] Neil Dylandy asks, “Right, what did you see when you got to the brig?””

“[02:08] Steve says, “The incident with the prisoners happened at the perma cells, so I was out with the hardsuit repairing the perma brig windows, I don’t understand why they make those so easy t-””

“[02:20] Neil Dylandy says, “Stay on topic please.””

“[02:25] Steve says, “Sorry, off on a tangent.””

(Request to strike the tangent from the document has been denied.)

“[02:31] Neil Dylandy says, “Continue.””

“[02:35] Steve says, “While on EVA I passed by a window and saw Alexander Bowl standing in front of a line of prisoners all kneeled down, I couldn’t hear anything but the looks on their faces made it clear that they were syndicate.””

(At this point, the witness’ voice begins to quiver.)

“[02:50] Neil Dylandy asks, “And how could you tell they were syndicate?””

“[02:58] Steve says, “The looks on each of their faces Corporal. They stared at the Nanotrasen logo with such hatred I’ve never seen before.””

“[03:06] Neil Dylandy says, “Interesting, continue.””

“[03:11] Steve says, “They spoke back and forth for a while, and Alexander seemed to get agitated, and he walked off out of perma, leaving the prisoners there.””

“[03:25] Neil Dylandy asks, “How long was he gone?””

“[03:33] Steve says, “Around three minutes maybe?””

“[03:40] Neil Dylandy asks, “Is that conjecture or are you sure?””

“[03:47] Steve says, “Three minutes sir.””

“[03:55] Neil Dylandy says, “Good, continue.””

“[04:02] Steve says, “When he returned, he had a duffel bag full of some bottles, I could tell by the color that they were napalm.””

(Witness pauses for an extended period of time)

“[04:51] Neil Dylandy says, “Please continue.””

“[05:00] Steve asks, “Do I have to continue? I think we all know where this is going right?””

(Audible distress is heard in the witness’ voice.)

“[05:10] Neil Dylandy says, “For record keeping and legal purposes I’m gonna need you to continue.””

“[05:20] Steve says, “He took one of the bottles and splashed it all over one of the prisoners and then…””

“[05:29] Neil Dylandy asks, “And then?””

(The witness can be heard slamming his fists on the table)


(Witness is visibly agitated and distressed and given time to calm down.)

“[06:30] Neil Dylandy asks, “Are you ready to continue?””

{The witness mumbles something inaudibly}

“[06:45] Neil Dylandy asks, “What was that? I’m going to need you to speak up.””

“[06:54] Steve says, “I can still hear his screams, I can still hear all of their screams. I was in space and that was all I could hear. The screams of those men as they burned.””

“[07:03] Neil Dylandy asks, “So he did the same with all of the prisoners?””

“[07:10] Steve says, “Yes.””

“[07:14] Neil Dylandy asks, “How many did he burn in total?””

“[07:26] Steve says, “Seven. Seven people burned.””

“[07:40] Neil Dylandy says, “Thank you for you time Mr. [REDACTED]. Your testimony is greatly appreciated.””

(Witness can be heard sobbing quietly)

"[07:50] Recording stopped."

"End of recording."

Additional Information

A different unnamed source contributed this file to investigators looking into Bowl, at great personal risk. While it is no smoking gun, it does show that Bowl has a disregard for proper parking, and that he has run afoul of Nanotrasen's HR department. A request was filed with the source to attempt to bypass the redactions, but he has not been heard from since, and investigators fear the worst.

Security Record of Alexander Bowl, circa present day


Alexander Bowl was killed after being captured in an incursion by the Nanotrasen Internal Affairs department. He was unable to print the necessary reports required of his position and was summarily executed the following day by Inspector-General Thorvald Thomsen.